Adding to the Memories – Picking the Best Dining Room Chairs For You

Adding to the Memories – Picking the Best Dining Room Chairs For You


Think of Thanksgiving dinner. The table is set, the feast is ready, and hungry voices are filling the dining room. The china is sparkling, the silver is polished, and the linen is crisp. It’s a classic image of Americana.

After the picture-perfect dinner, the game is on, the kids are playing, and it’s time to linger around the table. The time we spend here is often what we remember when we reminisce about far-away family and friends. But there’s something we take for granted here-if our house was not inviting, if the table was cramped and awkward, if the dining room chairs were not comfortable, we may have missed out on these wonderful times.

The dining room in our home is often underused and overlooked. But just because we don’t always enjoy a big family dinner there doesn’t mean that the dining room is not where the action is. Sharing birthday cake, studying for final exams, playing board games-that all happens with us sitting around our dining room table, lingering in our dining room chairs. So when we pick our dining room furniture, let’s think about how we really use the space.
After picking a table, your primary consideration-and maybe the biggest one-is what kind of dining room chairs do you want? If you need to be able to seat eight at a table that normally seats six, selecting a chair with a narrow profile could help you make room for everyone. If the chairs that match the set don’t look like they suit your needs, look around for dining room chairs in a matching material or a coordinating color. You don’t have to buy the ones that are displayed with the table you selected; those are just an option.


And if your table has expansion leaves that let you can handle a crowd, think about buying two, or even four, extra dining room chairs. When the table is back to its regular size, you can place an extra chair in the empty corner of the dining room, use it as a desk chair in your home office, or even put one in your bedroom. It’s a rare house that doesn’t need more seating.

You may not think that you can select dining room chairs that contrast with the table you’ll be using. Perhaps you have an antique dining table passed down to you. The style may not be your first choice, but you can update its look with your choice of chairs. A simple parsons chair with contemporary upholstery paired with the intricate design on Grandma’s table can give a fresh look to your room. If you’re switching out the chandelier to something sleek and adding some contemporary artwork, your hand-me-down table can look like a very deliberate and edgy design choice.

One overlooked design consideration can be comfort. If the back of the chair is a little too high, if the seats are hard wood and not padded, if you bump your elbows on the arms, you’re not going to enjoy the times you sit around the table. Take a little time while you are shopping to really try out the chairs. Think about the people who will be using them. Is the seat a comfortable distance from the floor? Are they wide enough for every member of the family? Does the pitch of the back feel right? When you lean back, are the rails and carving on the chair back noticeable, and if they are, are they comfortable?
Take a little time to consider your choice of dining room chairs, and you won’t be disappointed when it’s time to share some pumpkin pie…

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