Tips to Use When Shopping for Console Tables

Tips to Use When Shopping for Console Tables

What do you think about when you think of kitchen tables? Do you think of warm breakfasts and baking things together in the kitchen? Or do you think about family meals around the kitchen table? No matter what image comes to mind when you imagine the perfect kitchen table, there are plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Kitchen tables are the perfect addition to any eat-in kitchen. They can be an extra eating space, in addition to the table in the formal dining room, or they can be the heart and soul of your family meals. Either way, there are plenty of things to keep in mind when you go shopping for kitchen tables.

One of the most important things to do before going shopping for a table is measuring. Most people forget to measure the space they have available and do not take it into account when looking at kitchen tables. The amount of available space is even more important with kitchen tables because of how much space is needed in a kitchen. Everyone wants to feel like there is plenty of space to move around and cook in a kitchen, and a kitchen table that is too large will take away from that feeling. There is nothing worse than trying to move swiftly and efficiently in the kitchen and continually bumping into a table that is too large. Just remember to measure the space you have and set boundaries. If the table will be sitting right in the middle of the room, limit yourself to how big of a table you get so that you can be sure it will not take up the entire room.

Color and Style
The color of the table is another important factor when selecting a kitchen table. The best course of action is to choose a color that matches the wood of the kitchen cabinets. The only exception might be if the cabinets are a very dark color and you need a lighter color to lighten up the room a bit. If this is the case, look for woods and colors that coordinate or complement each other.
Style is also very important when looking at kitchen tables because the table has to match the rest of the kitchen. Once again, the style of the cabinets come into play here. A country kitchen will require a country table, and a modern or elegant kitchen will require a modern or elegant table. Even the look of the appliances can play a role in the style of the table you choose because appliances also add to the style of the kitchen.

Choosing a kitchen table also requires a little knowledge about the types of materials that go into a table. Wood is the most common material, but there are many different kinds of woods. Always look for a solid wood table because they will be a lot more durable. Avoid tables that are made of medium density fiberboard because they will chip, crack, and lose their finish very easily. These tables are often very cheaply made, so you will find yourself looking at kitchen tables again very soon if you purchase one made of medium density fiberboard. If you are having trouble telling the difference between solid wood and medium density fiberboard, just compare the weights of several tables. Solid wood tables will be much heavier, so this will make it easy for you to tell. If in doubt, ask a salesman about the tables you are considering. If the salesman is not sure whether the table is solid wood, then it is a good idea to leave and try a different store.

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